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Leilani Kaloha, CEO Intoxicated Desserts

After nearly 15 years in the massage & animal health fields, Leilani wasn’t quite satisfied by her career & realized it was time to pursue her long time passion. Deciding to turn her love of baking into a full time job was the easy part; figuring out how to make her fledgling business stand out amongst so many other bakeries was the challenge. But one day after attending a bachelorette party in Vegas and trying alcohol infused desserts for the first time and realizing that when getting back to San Diego that no other bakeries in San Diego provided this service. That's when Intoxicated Desserts was born & became the first bakery in San Diego to solely feature a largest menu choices of liquor,candy and cookie infused cupcakes and desserts.

We make customized desserts for every occasion with your favorite alcohol,cookies and candy.We are open to all kinds of dessert requests and flavors so if you don't see what you are looking for tell us and we'll make it for you! We bringing new meaning to the term "dessert bar" with our gourmet alcohol infused,cookie infused and candy infused cakes, cupcakes,and fudge.Desserts are made when the order is placed were are not a store front we need at least a 24-72 hr advance notice.